Sinkhole Repair Services in Tamarac

You can ruin the value of your home in the Tamarac and compromise its safety through foundation problems. In-house structural engineers and foundation repair specialists at Tamarac Foundation Repair will help design, install, and service the right foundation repair solution for you. When you work with our expert foundation repair team, you can be assured you are receiving superior service. A wide variety of quality foundation repair services are available at Tamarac Foundation Repair so that your foundation can be the stability of your home rather than a frequent source of trouble.

Remediating a sinkhole may involve different repair methods, depending on the size, location, and characteristics of the property from which the sinkhole emerged. The utility lines are mapped out in advance, and excavation begins after the area has been assessed and a plan of action determined. It is necessary to continue excavating until it reaches the solid ground, or reaches the prescribed depth contained in the engineer’s report. A repair of the sinkhole may involve either plugging the hole with clean fill or rerouting drainage to provide a more long-term solution or both. This is in addition to the recommendations of the engineer. Depending on the size and severity of the sinkhole, the entire repair process can take a few days to a few months. In addition to sinkhole repair, Tamarac Foundation Repair provides a variety of other services such as paving, moisture control, warehouse striping, and much more.

How We Can Help!

Tamarac Foundation Repair is a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor in foundation repair. In addition to providing a broad range of services, we also offer:

● Sinkhole Inspection
● Compaction Grouting
● Sinkhole Remediation
● And More Sinkhole Repair Services!

Our company can provide you with a free quote on any sinkhole repair service that we provide.

Sinkhole Inspection

An inspector for sinkholes must pay careful attention to any cracks in your property around any settlement. There should be a distinction between healthy settling and riskier sinkhole activity. Electric resistivity tomography (ERT) and resistivity tomography (RESTOM) electrical imaging are used to detect sinkholes using these radars. Even if the inspector finds nothing, the foundation of the house may still work just fine since the earth moves over time and the house will shift as well.

Compaction Grouting

The purpose of compaction grouting is to strengthen the ground by adding earth to the most base layers. For that purpose, we use a drill that has restricted access so we can drill at a depth that is appropriate. With a grout pump and a steel casing, the soil is compacted while being pumped with a thick epoxy/cement mixture.

Sinkhole Remediation

It is extremely dangerous to fall into a sinkhole. Those small voids or formations that appear above ground often serve as an indication of a much larger and more dangerous void underneath the surface. A sinkhole remediation expert should be contacted in the event of settling or a hole visible on the surface.

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